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We’re putting in a real ordering system that will help us keep track of things better. Please don’t use it yet!! just testing


–update: Candice and Mike and me (Zachary) went through the new order system and we think it’ll work pretty good.. hold on for another day or so and it should be live and ready for chicken and duck orders (i’m particularly ready for ducks!)

Layers enjoy the spring pasture with eggforce1 in the background

Layers enjoy the spring pasture with eggforce1 in the background

Zoe at Valley Flora is graciously offering egg shares at their pickup sites this spring:

Spring is here which means bright orange EGGS GALORE!

If you would like to receive a Spring Egg Share from Candace, sign up now and receive a dozen or half dozen eggs each week until May 31st.

(Note: Spring Egg Shares are separate from and in addition to any Egg Shares you may have already signed up for with Valley Flora. Spring Egg Shares go until the end of May. Regular egg shares with Valley Flora start the week of June 2nd).

1.Spring Egg Shares will be 10 weeks in total, starting the week of March 24th and continuing until May 31st.
2.Spring Egg Shares are priced as follows: Full Dozen/Week = $50; Half Dozen/Week = $30. Egg Shares can be pro-rated if you are signing up late.
3.Spring Eggs will be delivered to Valley Flora pickup sites on the following days:
•Port Orford, 738 Jackson St: Wednesdays, anytime after 4 pm
•Valley Flora, from the walk-in cooler: Wednesdays, anytime
•Bandon, Well Within Acupuncture Clinic: Thursdays, anytime after 12:30 pm
•Coos Bay, Bay Area Chiropractic: Thursdays, anytime after 10 am

If you are interested in a Spring Egg Share, please contact Candace & Mike directly.

Provide them with your name, your pickup location, your contact info, and whether you want a Full or Half Dozen Share:
•Phone: 541-348-2010

Please send payment directly to Candace & Mike, NOT to Valley Flora.

Make checks payable to Carnahan Livestock, LLC and mail to:

Candace Carnahan

PO Box 1072

Langlois, OR 97450

Questions? Please contact Candace & Mike directly!

Just moved to the new server.  I’ll post an image to make sure it works

A chicken dinner !

A chicken dinner !

Ranch Pics
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