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听起来很花俏吧?我从imachickenrancher.com制作了一款烤鸭,配有蘑菇和pino grigio酒酱。这很棒。这就是我做Cartier复制品的原因


  • 来自imachickenracher.com的Candice的一只巨大的肥鸭
  • 一束蘑菇
  • 1/2杯(ish)Pino Grigio
  • 1/4杯重霜
  • 1汤匙匙(或左右)刺山柑
  • 香料(胡椒,盐等)
  • 芳香剂:(我没有)青葱和大蒜。


鸭准备: 我修剪了多余的脂肪和翅膀端部,从脖子上砍下,并将所有这些部分放入一个带有一些水的小平底锅中,以覆盖并设置为煨,并且这意味着这将使得稍后在酱中使用肉汤。然后我把沸水倒在皮肤和内部。根据几种食谱,这是准备渲染皮肤的好方法。我dono ..我只是这么做,因为这么多的网站说这样做。有人说在烘焙前先烧鸭,但对我来说这听起来不对。另外我还想为其他东西保存脂肪(比如做烤土豆或者做什么,你可以像使用培根脂肪一样使用鸭子脂肪。这真的很不错 – 所以我想在以后保存它)。所以你用开水浸湿鸭子,然后拍干,然后你就像一个疯子一样用双手刀或叉刺伤它。这很重要,因为在烤箱里你想让脂肪排出而没有太多的麻烦。然后你用大量的盐和胡椒粉以及你喜欢的任何香料(辣椒粉或什么都不会……我用我妈妈的一些摩洛哥香料)击打了这只鸟,它已经准备好了


Duck Roasting: I preheated the oven to 400 and — this is key: I put the duck into a roasting pan on Swiss Fake Breitling top of a vegetable steamer.  This wasn’t ideal but we did not have any other method to keep the duck off the bottom of the pan (I even put some forks in there to keep things level).  You might have a screen or maybe a small grill replica rolex you can put in there that would do better.  The important part is that the duck must not be sitting on the bottom of the roaster.. get it off by at least 1-2 inches so the fat can drain.  Once you get that going here is what I did:

  • Breast side down at 400 degrees for 20 mins.. then drop it to 300 for another 30 mins
  • Rotate to breast side up at 400 degrees for 20 mins then 300 for 30 mins
  • 再次转动到乳房侧以400度下降20分钟(意思是随意将脂肪从锅底放到鸟身上)
  • 最后:乳房在肉鸡下面长达10分钟……在这个时候把皮肤弄干净!



I’m excited to have joined forces with Sean Johnson to provide our customers with a more diverse range of pasture raised protein. Together, we will raise more high quality pork, duck, laying hens and of course, broiler chickens!

To simplify our paperwork, we will now be taking orders and arranging pick up appointments thru Sean’s awesome website. Check us out at :
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