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We are harvesting one more batch of local,farm raised broiler chickens! We can’t do it again until June,so this is a great chance to stock up your supply. These plump beauties weigh about 5.5 lbs,and will be avaliable for pick up starting Fri,Jan 16 at 9am. You can place an order here on the website,just go to the “chicken cart” box on the upper left,and scroll down to the “Jan 21rst batch”. Let’s pretend it’s January 21,as we’re still working the bugs out of our schedule and ordering system. Please feel free to email us at,or call 541 348 2010 with orders and inquiries.

We have some beautiful fresh birds avaliable starting Wednesday,Dec 31 from 9am on. These chickens are in the 5lb range,plump and tasty! Please call 541 348 2010, or email to reserve yours. As an added convenience,all our birds will now be sold “freezer or table ready”. We are processing on Mondays,and holding the fresh birds in our walk-in cooler until pick up. No more re-arranging the entire fridge,or pouring ice on your chicken while you wait the requisite 24-48 hours for maximum tenderness.

We’re putting in a real ordering system that will help us keep track of things better. Please don’t use it yet!! just testing


–update: Candice and Mike and me (Zachary) went through the new order system and we think it’ll work pretty good.. hold on for another day or so and it should be live and ready for chicken and duck orders (i’m particularly ready for ducks!)

Another great example of the "low and slow" method for roasting duck. So important to cook those large ducks long enough to acheive tenderness.

Crisp-Tender Roast Duck with Cherry-Rosemary Sauce Recipe : Ted Allen : Food Network

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Crisp-Tender Roast Duck with Cherry-Rosemary Sauce recipe from Ted Allen.

Jan 11th 9:08pm • No Comments

This technique produces amazing potatoes. I'm so excited to have some duck fat to work with.

Ultimate roast potatoes

This foolproof recipe will ensure even first timers get crispy skins and fluffy insides. Make sure your potatoes are perfect for Sunday lunch or even Christmas dinner

Jan 5th 9:47am • No Comments shared a link.

finger-sucking roasted beer duck ā€“ Lady and Pups ā€“ an angry...

IF YOU CAN POUR YOURSELF A HOT SALT BATH, THEN MOVE INTO SAUNA TO SIT STILL, YOU CAN ROAST THIS DUCK TODAY, Iā€™m here to answer the question that has long infected the everyday-home-kitchens, with unending fatigues and boredom. The underlining puzzle that, as a... #beer #beerbrine #brine

Jan 2nd 9:00am • 1 Comment

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